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How many tools, platforms, and systems is your campus using? 

These days, organizations are using more IT tools, platforms, and systems than ever before. According to Statista, in 2021 the average organization used 110 SaaS (software as a service) applications — skyrocketing from an average of just eight in 2015.

As IT ecosystems grow larger and more complex, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to integrate them. By default, two third-party applications have no standardized “language” with which they can communicate or exchange information.

Without a better solution available, IT teams must create their own custom integrations and connectors or pay a third party to build these integrations for them. Not only is this process expensive and time-consuming, it’s also highly brittle: the integration may suddenly stop working if the underlying systems change. Instead, organizations need a robust, powerful, and user-friendly integration solution that makes it easy to share data between different systems and software.


SDCs are easily configurable automation solutions to connect your various third-party data sources in your IT environment.These third-party platforms might include Workday, Ellucian Banner, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JAGGAER (SciQuest), energy management solutions, and many more.

With prebuilt and fully supported import and export tools, SDC's significantly reduce the time to develop and deploy interfaces between your IWMS and any other system you need to "talk" to.


One of the AiM platform’s most valuable features is its extensive list of Standard Data Connectors (SDCs). Connect your AiM data with other software and platforms in your IT environment.

SDCs simplify and streamline the process of integrating AiM with other systems, keeping track of all your connectors within a single user-friendly interface. There’s no need to hire a team of IT experts to work for months on a custom data integration solution. By deploying SDCs, users can dramatically reduce the time to develop and deploy interfaces between their AiM IWMS and other systems that AiM needs to “talk” to.

SDC - 2022

With AiM's Standard Data Connectors, you can:

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Streamline your IT ecosystem
Increase Visibility Icon
Enjoy greater visibility and control 
Manual Effort Icon
Remove human error and tedious manual effort
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Shorten your time to value for new interfaces
Decrease Costs Icon
Slash the cost of integrating your applications and systems 
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Increase the flexibility of your data integration processes

"The SDC is a total game-changer for a few reasons. You don't have to guess at what format you need the data to go into to be consumed by AiM. You don't have any concerns about the business rules of AiM being obeyed, and you don't have to worry about breaking the database or making a mess of your system. The SDC methodology is an entire framework, and AssetWorks can develop and support you very inexpensively compared to what you used to have to pay for interfaces. So I can't emphasize enough how great this product is."


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Benefits of Bundling: 

  • Maximize ROI - Buy all connectors now at a bundled price compared to adding one-by-one when you introduce new systems or connections
  • Integrate AiM with all of your systems - ERP, Building Automation Systems, Academic Scheduling, Residential housing systems, and more. SDCs are also system agnostic - it is as flexible as your organization is. 
  • Get started as soon as you want - By adding the whole catalog, cut the time needed from us to enable - buy now and move at your own pace


SDCs can be either inbound (i.e., importing data into AiM) or outbound (i.e., exporting data out of AiM).

There is a rich variety of SDCs available for AiM users, including:

  • Accounts payable: Invoices, payment applications, service contracts, purchase orders, etc.

  • Contract administration: Construction contracts, consultant contracts, service contracts, etc.

  • Work management: Work orders, purchase requests, etc.

  • Leases: Lease invoices, payable and receivable lease data, etc.

  • Human resources: Departmental hierarchy data, employee data, etc.

  • Purchasing: Vendor catalogs, purchase orders, contractors/vendors, etc.

  • Key & access control: Access point data, key release data, etc.

  • Time & attendance: Timecard entries, leave requests, etc.

  • Finance: Accounts, direct expenses, finance transactions, etc.
  • Energy management: Meter readings, utility bills, etc.

See the full catalog of available SDCs 

Make the most of your data-rich environment

AiM Standard Data Connectors make it easier than ever for institutions of higher education to integrate their third-party software.

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