AssetWorks Continuing Education (ACE)

Better your team's knowledge and exposure to all things AssetWorks through various interactive learning programs.  

At AssetWorks our goal is to share a deeper understanding of our solutions, empowering you and your team to maximize the advantage gained from the use of our software. Simply put, we believe the better you understand it, the more value you can obtain from it.


With that in mind, this year we are proud to introduce a new way to learn - AssetWorks Continuing Education, or ACE .


A growing number of programs and tracks are available with training opportunities to suit various functional focuses and multiple skill levels.

AssetWorks 101

AssetWorks Solutions 101

Designed for those who may be new to AssetWorks and our solutions or any employee, manager, or leader who wants to better understand and learn the essentials at the heart of our solutions; ReADY, AiM, and Go.  


Advanced Business Automation


Improve business automation by advancing skills and knowledge in Advanced Business Automation, Standard Data Connectors (SDCs), Developing Scripts, and leveraging Catalog scripts.

ReADY Request


Dive into the configuration and administration of ReADY Request and unleash its power to streamline business processes and improve communication within your organization. 



Deepen your understanding of how to leverage the power of AiM IQ both within AiM and externally. 

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and more 

We will add more training tracks throughout 2023 and beyond (let us know what you want to learn about).

Interested in AssetWorks Continuing Education?

ACE leverages SoftChalk to help deliver training content in a more meaningful way. Training tracks can be accessed anywhere, anytime through the SoftChalk cloud portal, with progress and results tracked in a centralized score centre. 


Purchase an AssetWorks Continuing Education subscription to access AssetWorks training programs and more. 

Why SoftChalk for Facilities Management

SoftChalk is the perfect companion to create and distribute departmental training and more, with the ability to manage and track progress along the way. Have new team members who need to complete departmental training? Recurring training standards based on new requirements or timelines? SoftChalk has you covered. 


Create a stream of facilities-oriented training programs with ease, such as: 

Fall Arrest/Lift Safety     |     Confined Space     |     Hazardous Material Handling     |     Asbestos/Lead Awareness     |     Safety Data Sheet/Global Harmonized System/Chemical Safety     |     Refrigerant Handling/Disposal     |     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)     |     Laboratory Safety 




SoftChalk makes it easy to create, distribute, and track internal department training programs


No Coding

No coding or design skills required

Easy to create training for all skill levels. Know how to use Microsoft Word style editors? You're all set! 


Interactive experiences for any learning style

Choose from 20+ interactives to design and embed in your lessons and make training experiences highly engaging. Add video, drag and drop, multiple choice, and more

Management System


No LMS? No problem

Tie SoftChalk to your campus' existing LMS or use it as a standalone content authoring tool for your departments  

Track Progress

Easily track course progress

The score center is your central hub for learning outcomes. There are current development plans to tie this information with AiM

Ease of Access - SSO

Ease of access for your team

Enjoy SSO with ease. Control authentication for your SoftChalk team using your own identity provider and our single sign-on (SSO) solution 

Training Resources

Library of training courses available

Out-of-the-box training programs available to draw inspiration from 


Want to see SoftChalk in Action? 

Click below to see a demonstration of SoftChalk in action. Please Note: You will need to login to the AssetWorks Customer Resource Center to view this video. If you do not already have access; register here or email 


ACE + SoftChalk Subscription

By purchasing an ACE + SoftChalk Subscription, you will be able to immediately leverage the power of SoftChalk for your team. As 2023 progresses, AssetWorks training tracks will be made available to your team organization. 


Subscription Details:

Price: $4,995 

Term: 12 months  

User Seats: Add up to 5 individual content authors, and distribute programs to up to 1500 individuals within your facility organization. 

Terms and Conditions



Your Subscription Also Includes


2023 Continuing Education Programs

Access all of the above training programs for your entire team in 2023. From the date of purchase and for the length of the subscription, content can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

SoftChalk - OTJ

A SoftChalk Subscription

Take advantage of SoftChalk immediately; easily create and distribute online training programs to your teams and more.

What is SoftChalk?


SoftChalk Onboarding

Get onboarded to the platform to make the most of the tool. SoftChalk has a number of available training resources and a services team (add-on) you can connect with directly to make the most of your subscription. 

Ready to start?

Get Started 


Clicking "Get Started" will direct you to a new page where you can securely purchase a subscription using Credit Card or Paypal. 

What is SoftChalk?

SoftChalk Logo

SoftChalk is an eLearning content-authoring software solution that is focused on providing fast, easy, and portable learning solutions.  SoftChalk is the perfect companion to our existing training course screens in AiM which tie back to employee profiles.  

AssetWorks has been developing a plan to integrate AiM with SoftChalk Cloud. This unification will allow easy creation, storage, and management of training/lessons and learning objects that suit the needs of all employees. In addition, it provides personalized learning experiences for users based on roles, job titles, job codes, and more. This solution will not only provide content authoring features, but it will also support every phase of the training development life cycle—from concept and review to development and management.