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AssetWorks Continuing Education FAQ


Below are some common questions and answers about AssetWorks Continuing Education (ACE). 


Does ACE include both a SoftChalk subscription and license to ACE content? 

Yes, in addition to our continuous content library you will have up to 5 users (or "content authors") who will be able to create courses to supplement that material.  These "authors" can create their own course content needed for the facilities department. 

Do learners need to be part of our facilities team or can it be any AiM user or certain users in other departments on campus?

The subscription covers the facilities organization only. Student employees would be covered as part of that. 
Other departments on campus would need a separate Softchalk subscription for academic purposes. 

Who can view and access ACE program content? 

Individuals within your Facilities Department can access course material on demand during your license coverage. They will be able to access easily through a web-browser. 

What sorts of courses/programs can users expect to see in 2023? 

The ACE library will be continuously expanding throughout the year. Some of the topics you can expect to see within the initial set include: 

  • AiM Basics
  • Go Work Management
  • Customer Service – ReADY Request
  • AiM IQ
  • Finance Part 1
  • Finance Part 2

How frequently is content going to be rolled out? 

ACE content will begin being officially available closer to AssetWorld dates (~May 15), and content will continuously roll out thereafter. 

What is the rate/fee for the SoftChalk subscription + license for ACE content? 

The cost to access ACE content is a single SoftChalk subscription for your organization. $4,999 USD provides 1-year access to the training library, unlimited course viewing, and 5 content author profiles for your facilities organization, plus access to ACE content.  

If you have needs beyond that, please let us know more, and we can discuss them.  You can easily add more content author profiles and enlist our professional services team for assistance with reviewing and creating courses. 

What is the difference between an "author" and a "learner"? 

Authors create content/courses and administer the system.  - up to 5 in a subscription. 
Individuals/learners would take the courses and the associated learning assessments - unlimited access for your facilities organization. 

Are there any training materials or resources to get started? 

There are various videos and content pieces to help you get started with SoftChalk and make the most out of the system. Need a little more advanced help or support setting up your own courses? The SoftChalk team offers Professional Services to help you. 


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