AssetWorld 21 Platforms:

AssetWorld 21 will be conducted virtually through the following online platforms. To eliminate any confusion, all of the appropriate links will be included within the AssetWorld conference scheduling. (All three platforms can be accessed through your web browser.)

The majority of the Pre-Conference Training, as well as, the regular conference events will take place using the Attendify platform. This next-generation online platform will enable attendees to experience everything AssetWorld has to offer, including Town Hall sessions, interactive presentations, and real-time networking.

🌐  Assetworld Event Platform

📑  Attendify Overview

Platform Use: Conference & Pre-Conference Training


Microsoft Teams
During the Pre-Conference Training's Workshop Sessions, students will have direct engagement with the AssetWorld Instructors through Microsoft Teams. If you are new to Microsoft Teams, we recommend taking Microsoft's guided tour ahead of the workshop sessions.

📑  Microsoft Teams Overview

Platform Use: Pre-Conference Training Workshop Sessions

AssetWorld will be utilizing the web-based (formally called YoTribe) for our virtual networking sessions. is an up-and-coming networking platform that makes interacting with other attendees, seem-less, stress-free and actually enjoyable.

📑 Overview

Platform Use: Conference & Pre-Conference Training Networking Sessions

"You guys never disappoint. The sessions are useful and meaningful - and I appreciate that we as customers have access to the staff to talk about potential enhancements or new functionality! It shows the care your company has for their customers."
"AiM is a strong piece of software and has helped us drive significant organizational efficiencies. But we have even more ambitious goals planned. Being able to walk through those plans with AssetWorks' instructors was invaluable..."
"The conference was very interactive and fun. I now have a great deal of information and skills to share with my team. Networking with other facility professionals was second to none."
"The presentations helped me better understand where our gaps exist and the workshops outlined how to fix them. I can't wait to show what I learned to my Director."
"I can tell AssetWorks put a lot of thought and effort into making this conference as engaging as it was educational. I will definitely be back next year!"
"Being able to work through our specific problems with the instructors saved us a lot of time. I also appreciated being able to network with other facility professionals."

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