Course Description: A step beyond the foundations, the goal of this class is to present the work life cycle (from request to finishing the job) and the solutions designed to make you more responsive, efficient, and successful as you accomplish your primary asset and maintenance missions. From requesting work, through planning and scheduling both preventive and corrective maintenance, to the execution of said work, all aspects will be covered.

Designed For: Anyone involved or curious with the daily service life cycle within ReADY, AiM, and Go.

Monday, April 12th - Thursday, April 15th: Pre-Conference Training

Topic Name Learning Outcomes Products / Features
How to administer your Asset Inventory?

Shares the different tools available to you that support the management of your Asset Inventory. From initial collection, inspection and verification, to planned replacement.

  • Learners will be introduced to AssetSync and Go Asset Management Inventory capture and update capabilities.
  • AssetSync
  • Go Asset Management
  • Master Asset Profile
  • Condition Assessment Asset Profile
Requesting Work

This class focuses on how to request work from our different products (ReADY Request, AiM Customer Request, and Go Follow-up Work) and the associated personas involved. Default configuration and codes (Problem Codes, Assignment Defaults, Zone defaults, Work Codes) will also be discussed.

  • Learners will better understand the different origination points of work within ReADY, AiM, and Go. Who are the primary personas for each and the specific use cases which guided our design intent.
  • ReADY Request
  • AiM Customer Request
  • Go Follow-Up Work
How to incorporate inspections?

This class will discuss where and when it makes sense to incorporate inspections into your work processes. Learn how you can setup and configure these items within AiM and execute them via our Go mobile solutions.

  • Learners will understand how to perform inspections in Go AM and Go CPPM. When they should be used vs. Preventive Maintenance templates and some interesting ways others have incorporated them into their work life cycle.
  • AiM/Go CPPM Inspections
  • AiM/Go AM Inspections
How to administer PM?

This class will review the primary features involved with executing Preventive Maintenance. Learn how to schedule and execute through PM standards and templates.

  • Learners will be able to setup and administer a preventive maintenance program for their asset inventory.
  • PM Standards, Checkpoints, and Meters
  • PM Template
  • PM Generator
  • PM WOs
How to plan and schedule your work?

This class describes the basics of daily assignments and work management scheduling including new, fresh features released with 11.0.

  • Learners will be able to leverage the features within AiM designed to organize, plan, and schedule work for shop employees.
  • Employee Trades
  • Daily Assignments
  • Phase Planning
  • Team Scheduler
  • Work Assigner
Execution of Work

This class will review the many ways we can execute on AiM work orders. Both AiM and Go examples will be highlighted.

  • Review with learners the different ways work can be executed and tracked using both AiM and Go WM.
  • Daily Assignments
  • Go WM
How to request material or services?

Learn the different ways materials and / or services may be requested from the inventory management / purchasing department.

  • Review the different ways materials may be requested.
  • Understand the primary functions of Go Inventory vs. Receiving vs. Purchasing.
  • AiM Purchase Request
  • AiM Purchase Generator
  • AiM Purchase / Receive / Disbursement / Invoice
  • Go Inventory
  • Go Purchasing
  • Go Receiving
How to capture external fees and charges?

Both Maintenance and Design/Construction departments often deal with non-encumbered fees which must be charged to the work order or capital project. This class offers a quick review of the different screens and functionality that AiM offers when dealing with these requirements.

  • Learners will be able to enter, approve, and process non-encumbered charges through AiM WOs and Capital Projects.
  • Shop Stock
  • Spot Purchase
  • External Charges
  • External Charge Import
  • Direct Expense
  • Status Approval
  • Direct Expense Imports
Assessment and Capital Budgeting

Reviews the Assessment and Capital Budgeting tools available within our solution. Works backward from an executed Capital Project through the Capital Budget process, Strategic Plan and Condition Assessment Asset Profile and the big picture comes into view.

  • The learner will understand how the solution works supporting capital renewal.
  • The learner will understand the multiple inputs to the Strategic Plan.
  • The learner will understand how a singular asset works it way through the entire Capital Budgeting process.
  • Capital Project
  • Capital Budget Request
  • ReADY Capital Request
  • Condition Assessment Asset Profile
  • Assessment Deficiency
  • Cost Model Strategic Plan


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